“Los Desperados R/C” – Calgary. Ready to Roll !

“Los Desperados” is all ready to roll for 2014. Our Members got finished all of Our winter projects, and on time. Not one single Member was fined for not being ready for Our “Roll Date” of April 1st ! With all the changes, “Los Desperados” this summer is going to be a damned good lookin’ bunch. I mean, We’re already good lookin’ but, We’ll take any extra help We can grab !

Although the Club’s summer agenda is getting filled up, We would still like to hear from groups out there holding poker runs or other such events. If you have an event to let Us know about, please contact Our Intel Officer, Bonez, and he will bring your event info to Our table. He can be reached at:

We are, as I’m sure is the case with most of ya’ll, really looking forward to the start of the motorcycling season here in Calgary. The renos on Our Clubhouse are coming along nicely, Our bikes are ready to roll, and the weather is starting to become more favorable. It’s all looking real good and We are looking forward to going on rips with Our Brothers, Associate Clubs and friends. We can’t wait to see ya’ll. Take care and We’ll see ya’ll soon ! LDFFLD !
L,H&R – “Crawl”, President, Los Desperados R/C – Calgary

Spring Is Just Around The Corner !

Hey ya’ll ! Well it certainly looks like we’re damn close to riding Our beloved motorcycles again. After this past winter, We all deserve a great summer season. All around, there are people scrambling to get their winter customizing projects finished, because nobody wants to be the last ones up and rolling or worse yet, having to pay a Club fine for not being ready by April 1st ! Los Desperados are looking forward to burning many miles with all Our Club associates and friends this year and attending as many events as We can. If anybody is in a group that is holding a poker run or other event, send Us the info and We can help you get the word out. Please send requests to Our Intel Officer, “Bonez” at losdesperadosrc@gmail.com If you’re contacting Us to collect money or alter any of Our services,…. Don’t bother. Well ya’ll, take care and We hope to see ya’ll very soon ! LDFFLD – “Crawl”, President, Los Desperados R/C.

Spring Is Slowly Coming Around !

Well, it’s slowly coming around to that favorite time of year for all bikers,……… “Spring” !! There’s tell tale signs that it won’t be long. Things like, Brother’s starting to pick up the pace on the work They’re doing on Their motorcycles, while carefully watching the calendar for that April 1st “Roll Date”, so They don’t get stung with a Club fine. There seems to be a bunch more tweeping birds waking me up in the morning. After market parts companies have all kinds of “Sales” going on, and some of the local chopper shops have new selections of giblets available to bling up your ride for the new season. All the good painters in town are getting busy, and being constantly harassed by customers wanting their “Tins” back so that they’re ready for those early nice days. Sunrise is a little earlier, and the morning air has a sort of sweet smell, and it’s staying light out a little bit longer every day. Yea, spring is certainly starting to arrive, but like all ya’ll out there waiting, ……. I WANT IT NOW ! Take care everyone, and hold tight. LDFFLD – “Crawl”, President, “Los Desperados R/C”.

Where’s Spring ?

Well, now that the Christmas Season is over, and we all have to drop a couple of pounds, what do we do now ? Almost all Our Members have small projects to do on Our motorcycles before April 1st, with one of Us doing quite a big project. Our 2014 riding calendar has to be set, We are upgrading the Clubhouse, there’s a few Member’s birthdays, and that’s pretty much it for a couple of months. Other than that, if anyone out there sees spring before one of Us, let Us know ! Keep an eye on this web-site and We’ll see ya’ll soon. LDFFLD – L,H&R – “Crawl”, President, “Los Desperados R/C – Calgary”

Best 2014 Wishes from the “Los Desperados”

All the Members of “Los Desperados R/C”, would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great times we had celebrating Christmas with ya’ll. We would also like to wish Our Associate Club Members, their families, and all Our friends, very best wishes for health, happiness, and many great days of riding in 2014. We can’t wait to rip a bunch of miles with ya’ll this year. Happy New Years and take care !! LDFFLD – Much Love, Honor and Respect, “Crawl” – President, Los Desperados.

Christmas Greetings from Our Club !

On behalf of the “Los Desperados”, I would like to take this opportunity to wish all of Our associate Clubs, friends, and their families, a very “Merry Christmas”! May this season bring you all, many happy experiences and memories, and may the New Year bring us all great riding weather, health and happiness. Best wishes everyone, from “Los Desperados R/C”! LDFFLD – Much Love, Honor & Respect – “Crawl” – President.