Are Ya’ll gettin’ out there ?

Well it sure has been a shitty spring, and a far too long a time in getting around to being nice, but the Los Desperados have gotten out there a few times for a bit. We’ve been pretty lucky on a few runs when the forcast didn’t look very good, but it still turned out not too bad. It’s been really cool meeting new people and seeing others that We haven’t seen in a while. We haven’t had to wear rain gear, and none of Our Members have had any big motorcycle troubles. There have been a few gremlins, but that’s just part of it. Some of the Members have been shooting a bit with go-pro’s, so maybe sometime near the end of the season, We may have some great vids to share with ya’ll.

As well as that, Our new Clubhouse renovations are coming along wickedly ! Everyone has put in time, money, and sweat, and it’s really paying off. We should be fairly done sometime soon so We are really looking forward to havin’ that done.

We sure are looking forward to some of the big events and runs that are on Our calendar this summer, and hopefully, We’ll be running into ya’ll. If you are in a group that is holding a run or event, send Us the info and We can let people know about it on Our facebook page. Contact Our Intel Officer, Bonez, and he will relay it to the Club. He can be contacted at LOSDESPERADOSRC@GMAIL.COM or on this web site.

Anyway, ya’ll ride hard, take care, and have fun. Don’t forget your sunscreen and bug juice, and We hope to see you soon.

LDFFLD – “Crawl”, President, Los Desperados R/C – Calgary.

Los Desperados R/C – Calgary “First Anniversary” !

It is with great pleasure that “Los Desperados” would like to announce Our “First Anniversary”. We will be one year old on Saturday, May 24th, 2014. Although We first started holding “Church” in August of 2012, it took a while to get things together and to get all Our approvals and road rights. We were rewarded for Our hard work and proper respect, on Friday, May 24th, 2013 when Jeff, Our mentor in the Calgary Hells Angels, presented me with Our finished patches.

That was a huge moment for this Club. We all got together that night to present the Members with their patches in a little ceremony. We then set about sticking them on Our cuts with fabric glue instead of having them sewn on because We were going to the Hells Angels spring poker run the very next day, and We’d be damned if We were going without Our patches proudly flying. We probably would have stapled them on if that’s what it took.

It has been a great year that has not been without growing pains, but We have learned valuable lessons from them, and are a far better Club as a result. On the other hand, We have grown very tight together as individuals, and tight with several Associate Clubs in Our area as a Club. We highly value Our association with these other Clubs and look forward to many years of riding and partying together. We are specially thankful to the Calgary Hells Angels M/C, and the Unforgiven M/C, for their patience and guidance in getting Us started and established.

It is with great pride that each of Us wear Our patches, and as We head into Our second year, We look forward to growing and tightening Our bonds of Brotherhood with each other, all Our Associate Clubs, families and friends. Most of all, however, We look forward to many miles of great riding, partying and growing Our history as “Los Desperados”.

LDFFLD – “Crawl”, President, Los Desperados R/C – Calgary.

“Los Desperados R/C” – Calgary. Ready to Roll !

“Los Desperados” is all ready to roll for 2014. Our Members got finished all of Our winter projects, and on time. Not one single Member was fined for not being ready for Our “Roll Date” of April 1st ! With all the changes, “Los Desperados” this summer is going to be a damned good lookin’ bunch. I mean, We’re already good lookin’ but, We’ll take any extra help We can grab !

Although the Club’s summer agenda is getting filled up, We would still like to hear from groups out there holding poker runs or other such events. If you have an event to let Us know about, please contact Our Intel Officer, Bonez, and he will bring your event info to Our table. He can be reached at:

We are, as I’m sure is the case with most of ya’ll, really looking forward to the start of the motorcycling season here in Calgary. The renos on Our Clubhouse are coming along nicely, Our bikes are ready to roll, and the weather is starting to become more favorable. It’s all looking real good and We are looking forward to going on rips with Our Brothers, Associate Clubs and friends. We can’t wait to see ya’ll. Take care and We’ll see ya’ll soon ! LDFFLD !
L,H&R – “Crawl”, President, Los Desperados R/C – Calgary